project Storm Relief      


“In the Midst of chaos, finding relief after the storm”

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans,

and surrounding coastal cities...the impact

was unquestionably one of the deadliest

in the history of the united States.  Jeff and

Kathryn Piotrowski are not strangers to devastation, having experienced the traumatic aftermaths of countless tornado events in their stormchasing careers.  Always wanting to make a difference, finding a way to help, Kathryn Piotrowski brought to life “ProJect Storm Relief” and designed a calendar in a matter of a couple of months to help raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.  Thank you to everyone for purchasing the calendar and changing the lives of many. 

Project Storm Relief is  not a 501C entity and donations are not tax deductible.  Project Storm Relief raises money via cafepress through the purchasing of storm chasing gear designed by Kathryn Piotrowski.  100% of the proceeds of the sales go directly to Project Storm relief.  Your purchases  of our stormchaser t-shirts fund the purchase of new toys, blankets and also help with other needs encountered by victims of storm damage...for instance the rural community of Franklin, Kansas needed a storm siren and we helped them in achieving that effort, WE DONATED TOYS TO THE TORNADO RAVAGED COMMUNITY OF GREENSBURG, KS , and donated to Oprah’s Katrina Project for the Angel Network,  to Global Green (Providing “Green” rebuilding for Persons affected by Hurricane Katrina and the American Red Cross.  Again, THANK YOU for participating in Project Storm Relief.


The Funds Raised for Hurricane Katrina Donations were made to

Oprah’s Angel Network

Global Green

The American Red cross

Please visit

we offer fun stormchasing t-shirts and outer wear for the entire family.  Your purchase will change the life of someone impacted by a severe weather event...and hopefully GIVE SOME PEACE IN KNOWING THEY ARE NOT ALONE IN THEIR JOURNEY TO RESTORING THEIR LIVES.


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New Toys for Yazoo, MS after the April 24, 2010 Tornado

A donation was made to the tornado ravaged, rural community of Franklin, KS for the installation of a storm siren. 

Follow this link for more information


Hurricane Katrina...fueled the dream to give is my fondest accomplishment, the production of the 2006 Tornadoes Calendar to benefit causes after Hurricane Katrina.  Now in 2011 and 2012, the limited edition DVD “Storm Chasing the Joplin EF-5” was a labor of love in the production and editing of this emotional DVD.   Thank you to the many individuals who have purchased T-Shirts, Prints, Magnets and Bumper Stickers through our TwisterChasers Store on CafePress.  Over the years I have used the money from these sales to purchase new toys and giving them to the Command posts or shelters set up after devastating Storm Events such as Greensburg, KS (EF-5) and Yazoo, MS (EF-4).  Of recent the YMCA was a shelter to many after the Joplin EF-5 and I took several containers of new toys...I had the toys with me in the back of our Avalanche the day of the Joplin Tornado...and ironically some new “Hot Pink Fleece Childs Blankets”  even though I didn’t have anywhere to leave the toys that very night...the Blankets were a God Send...right after the tornado struck and we headed down Iowa Street...I began issuing the blankets to those persons who were injured.  One memorable moment was a person waving one of those blankets as a helicopter hovered over.   Project Storm Relief is a Not for Profit Corporation and receives funding through the sales of products offered on and through the sales of the Joplin DVD, 10% of the proceeds from the sale of the Joplin DVD are currently being distributed to local Joplin Charities for the sole benefit of those affected by the Joplin tornado.  Our initial release of the Joplin DVD garnered funding for Mark Lindquist  Read his story here and here.

Also 100% of the proceeds from the sale of autographed posters of the Joplin Tornado will go to these needs.  We want to Thank Everyone for their continued support of Project Storm Relief...TwisterChasers.Com, Inc....and CafePress/tornados...we couldn’t do it without you!

New Toys for Joplin after the May 22, 2011 Tornado...

These toys were distributed to the YMCA (one of the many shelters for survivors of the Joplin Tornado.)

PSR is helping a family in Joplin, survivors of the tornado of May 22, 2011 struggling to put their lives back together.   We are so grateful for the opportunity to bring Christmas cheer from funding of the Joplin DVD.  For those who have purchased the Joplin DVD this is what you have made is with grateful hearts we say “Thank You” for this opportunity of giving. 



March 9, 2012

Project Storm Relief presented the Joplin Senior Center with

another donation to enhance the Center post tornado.

Kathryn Piotrowski (Right) presented the donation to the Joplin Senior Center Director Alison Simpson (Left)

Kathryn Piotrowski (Left) presented a donation to Help Rebuild Parr Hill Park in Joplin, MO.  Elisha Grissom (Right) of Inside Out Designs demonstrates tornado safety wearing her new helmet...she is such a good sport.

Inside Out Designs

Josh Grissom and Elisha Grissom

are giving so much back into the community of Joplin, MO.  They have donated countless labor of love hours to various restoration projects in Joplin, Cunningham Park and Parr Hill Park.

Please visit this Facebook page to donate to the Parr Hill Park Project and here is a link to their business website Inside Out Designs.

March 23, 2012 A Donation was made to Convoy of Hope partnering with Global Green

Recent update 05/23/2012

Project Storm Relief Kathryn Piotrowski Founder of PSR (Project Storm Relief)

Our most recent gift in the Restoration of JOPLIN is to

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon Challenge/Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity 10 for 10 Joplin

The Joplin Salvation Army

The Joplin Senior Center

Parr Hill Park Restoration

Mark Lindquist Fund

S. Bragole Family (Christmas)

Convoy of Hope Joplin Rebuild

The Stained Glass Theatre


2003 - Delivered Toys to Franklin, KS and donated funds to the community of Frankin KS for installing a storm siren - Read More

2007 Delivered New Toys in Greensburg, KS

Updates soon